Given that a KYC audit is done, and a full Certik audit will be done, investors should not fear placing their money into TipsyCoin.

On top of the same, TipsyCoin has a Gnosis SAFU, which safeguards the token from vulnerabilities. The penguin board also takes control of all marketing, development, and other services. Finally, the network has installed an anti-rug pull feature to provide more security for investors.


As mentioned earlier, NFTs are a representation of the in-game items. Therefore, $tipsy has a real utility and will expand exponentially in adoption once the game launches. Once you connect your wallet to TipsyVerse, your NFTs will be visible and accessible. If you get a rare NFT, you can sell it for great fortunes.

TipsyVerse will integrate top VR hardware and other software like HTC Vive and Oculus Quest 2.

Tipsy world metaverse

Meet People and Build Relationships on TipsyVerse

TipsyVerse is indeed not your regular NFT-centric gaming platform as it allows you to meet people, make friends, build relationships, socialize in clubs and concerts while being treated to electrifying beats of popular DJs like DJ Skrillex and David Guetta.

Gamers are sure to be blown out of their socks when the game integrates VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive.

What More Has TipsyVerse Got to Offer?

From customizing your characters to forming relationships and exploring TipsyVerse’s vast space with new friends and trading NFTs, you also get to be a part of the fight for global sustainability by contributing your quota to community and future developments.

TipsyVerse is keen on making the world a better place and championing the drive for sustainability.

These Genesis Penguins are highly coveted and will have utility in TipsyVerse, along with being the desired companion for every gamer. All our NFTs can be used on both TipsyVerse 1.0 and TipsyVerse 2.0.

Our medium-term aim for the project is to develop TipsyVerse 1.0 in partnership with Gaimin. They have been in development for a few years now, and at record speed.
We will have seamless blockchain interoperability and NFT integration by working with them. TipsyVerse 1.0 will be based on the Minecraft platform. While $tipsy will be on the BSC network, our NFTs will be on Polygon.
This network has gained considerable market share lately as high gas fees on the Ethereum network have left DeFi users looking for more affordable, scalable options. Polygon is also heavily used for NFT and gaming platforms across the DeFi space.

It is as diverse as immersing yourself in a final-fantasy city featuring dragons and unicorns or traversing the history of the Giza pyramids.

Are you a discotheque enthusiast? Then the destination for you is M.A.D Club, the crown jewel of TipsyVerse where you might dance with Snoop Dogg. Revel in a fully immersive nightclub experience incorporating design, technology and cutting-edge sound, and soak in an electrifying atmosphere powered by the beats of DJ Skrillex and David Guetta. Look forward to performances by the biggest names in Hollywood.
With elite entertainment from Akon and Justin Bieber, you can be assured of exclusive concerts and club invites. An unparalleled listening experience is defined by the highest standards of audio quality and so TipsyVerse’s offering can only be measured in standing ovations.

Join into TipsyVerse to save the world and help children, animals, and climate issues.”

But that Is Not All

In addition to getting the backing of president Vicente Fox, TipsyCoin has also gotten endorsement from other high-profile figures like Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. Others include celebrities like Paula Abdul and Kevin Quinn. TipsyCoin was also featured on Forbes and

In addition to its unwavering commitment to the community, TipsyCoin’s Metaverse is thoughtfully designed to help with mental health and foster social interaction through minigames and activities that bring people closer.

TipsyCoin: The Novel Cryptocurrency

To be a part of TipsyVerse, you need to purchase TipsyVerse NFTs using $tipsy, and as the popularity game surges, it is expected that the NFTs will equally rise in demand.

Memecoins, Metaverse, and NFTs are all names that have been quite common in the media and crypto space for mostly the last months of 2021. Memecoins have become especially famous with the successes seen in Doge and Shiba Inu.

NFTs and the metaverse have gained traction because of their increasing applications in gaming and entertainment. Many investors have already generated fortunes from such projects.

TipsyVerse is a new project that stems from an ecosystem combining NFTs and a Metaverse that includes games and Memes.
It intends to offer fun and rewards all within the same network. As seen from their existing concepts, the game’s graphics will be stunning.


TipsyVerse is a gaming metaverse where players can socialize and develop new bonds.



Out of the 10% sale tax, 4% are rewards for existing holders of TipsyCoin, and another 4% are used for first buying back $tipsy, then burning them to reduce supply. There is a balance of 2% from this 10%. This goes to the project’s development. The funds will support marketing, development, and total long-term network sustainability.

Auditing and Security

TipsyCoin is focused on providing its holders maximum possible security.

Certik, one of the most famous blockchain auditors, will be auditing TipsyCoin’s smart contracts. TipsyCoin has also completed a KYC verification and contract audit with KYCastle.

The audit looks into the project for vulnerabilities and risks.

Among the benefits include:

  • Memecoin with utility. We think it’s better than Doge.
  • Have fun while generating passive income. Feel like you are in Vegas at the comfort of your home.
  • Secure from security risks.
  • Community-centered meme coin.

    It has participated in philanthropic activities in Nigeria and has recently adopted penguins. Their charitable acts are authentic and have been endorsed on Twitter by the charities themselves.

  • Upcoming voting and governance systems. Have a say in the TipsyCoin future according to how much of its coin you hold.

Final Word

This comprehensive guide has looked into TipsyCoin and TipsyVerse and how they benefit the token holders.

The coin intends to replace Dogecoin, while the TipsyVerse aims to be bigger than Decentraland. Various influencers have spoken about this project.

These types of projects only hurt this entire space, while discouraging newcomers from entering. With TipsyVerse, we pride ourselves in consistently building no matter the market condition. Our vision is much more than the price of our coins or the NFTs.

What makes your company/project unique?

Our project is unique in many ways.

Most GameFi projects that actually possess a functional game are usually too simplistic, low quality, or completely bug filled with no community to be found. Our level of production is much higher than the average GameFi project, and this will become evident following the release of our 1.0. Our TipsyVerse is evolving from the testing phase to a full release in Q3, but 1.0 will only be a fraction of the world upon release.

This is our long-term goal that will require a few years to successfully implement, and within TipsyVerse, characters will have abilities beyond the physical realm; our open-world metaverse game is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi. Ready Player One has set the stage for year 2045 and I think that at the exponential growth of technology and the new influx of capital entering this space, the achievement of a phenomenal, surpassed escapade compared to IRL experiences [is possible].

Minting in progress!

TipsyCoin ($tipsy) is launching in about 24 hours.

Find out our contract address and learn how to buy in the following link:

— TipsyCoin / TipsyVerse (@TipsyCoin) March 14, 2022There is a casino aspect to TipsyVerse.
The faster transaction speeds on the Polygon network would allow players to equip/load their NFTs on TipsyVerse more seamlessly, providing them a better experience overall. The successful interaction between the contracts of $tipsy on BSC and the NFTs on Polygon would provide added utility for $tipsy holders, since they can utilise TipsyCoin to purchase NFTs. We are also introducing a secondary currency, $gin, that is not deflationary and will be used within TipsyVerse for the purchase of in-game consumables and character upgrades.Do you think that in the years to come, metaverse-related experiences will be equal to or even supplant IRL experiences?

This depends on who executes it and how it is executed.

Hey! I’m ForeverTipsy, founder & CEO of The Tipsy Company. My co-founder, Deiparous, and I enjoy gaming, and we wanted to set a new precedence in the Web3 / blockchain space, through a community-first approach. At the heart of our offering is TipsyVerse, an open world metaverse game with sustainable tokenomics that’s also free to play, while offering Play & Earn opportunities.

Version 1.0 of our game is on Minecraft, and v2.0 will utilize the best gaming technology available – Unreal Engine 5. We take on a holistic approach of a progressive release, so that players can continually look out for new items, more cities to explore, and refreshing quests to partake in.

What’s your backstory and how did you get the idea for the company/project?

I come from the luxury space, and so customer service has been a core focus of mine.

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