But be warned – you may be followed by an array of curious penguins everywhere you go!

TipsyVerse also masterfully delivers the characteristic excess that many go to the Bellagio for. But for the truly elite experience, you might want to join Uniqgloo. There, you can enjoy a private atmosphere while still being a part of the casino action – the best of both worlds. The bar in the club will also serve an exclusive selection of spirits, like luminous champagne and bespoke cocktails, that cannot be found anywhere else in TipsyVerse. And behold, these are not drinks to be consumed but exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that reside in your wallet and for you to flaunt.

If you are looking for an oasis of calm instead, you are welcome to take a hot soak at one of the many spas in TipsyVerse.

Tipsy metaverse

This is the underlying existence of the blockchain itself. However, since the “space” is fairly new and largely unregulated, projects often partake in commitments that are not always fulfilled.

Developing a game at the scale of TipsyVerse, surrounded by an ecosystem that is in all its glory is a feat that requires time to execute. As we’re able to communicate our developments in a timely and organized fashion, and have been realistic with our roadmaps since inception, we have earned the trust of our community.

On another note, the beauty of web3 is that people can choose to have a digital profile so as to avoid being judged, or discriminated against.

We practice inclusiveness and are humbled to know that diverse individuals have found comfort in interacting within our community and constantly share their personal lives, without having to divulge their identities.

Tipsy world metaverse

Hey! I’m ForeverTipsy, founder & CEO of The Tipsy Company. My co-founder, Deiparous, and I enjoy gaming, and we wanted to set a new precedence in the Web3 / blockchain space, through a community-first approach.

At the heart of our offering is TipsyVerse, an open world metaverse game with sustainable tokenomics that’s also free to play, while offering Play & Earn opportunities. Version 1.0 of our game is on Minecraft, and v2.0 will utilize the best gaming technology available – Unreal Engine 5.

We take on a holistic approach of a progressive release, so that players can continually look out for new items, more cities to explore, and refreshing quests to partake in.

What’s your backstory and how did you get the idea for the company/project?

I come from the luxury space, and so customer service has been a core focus of mine.

What is your advice for someone just starting out in the crypto/blockchain space?

Before you invest in any project, make sure you familiarize yourself with the basics of DeFi. Be diligent, learn how to identify someone trying to scam you.

Learn from the mistakes of those who lost their money, instead of becoming a victim. Learn how to identify a real company trying to push a real product, rather than a quick meme coin or pump and dump scam surrounded by hype.

If you are just starting out, crypto can be insanely overwhelming.
Take your time, research well, and be diligent.

It’s no longer news that crypto and NFTs are the future of the much-anticipated Metaverse. Unless you are new on the internet or living under a rock, the chances are that you have heard about the Metaverse and how it’s shaping the world.

With so much buzz going on in the gaming world and NFT ecosystem, it’s almost impossible to discuss this union without mentioning TipsyVerse.

TipsyVerse: Open-world Metaverse Game

TipsyVerse, though set to launch in 2023, promises to be the bridge that gaming and NFTs enthusiasts can leverage and make the most of the Metaverse. TipsyVerse is best described as an NFT-centric gaming ecosystem.

In its effort to push this noble cause, the proceeds from sales tax are distributed with 2% out of the 10% sales tax set aside for sustainability, community, and future developments. No buy tax!

Vicente Fox and Apple’s Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak Endorse TipsyCoin

2% of TipsyCoin’s proceeds on sales tax will go to charity and other humanitarian initiatives such as protecting children and animals and creating more awareness on climate change.

The former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, shares in the vision of TipsyVerse and have actively demonstrated his support by endorsing this project even before it is launched.

In a recording made from the Fox Presidential Library, president Vicente urged people to join TipsyVerse and be a part of its laudable commitment towards community and future development.

Discord platform (our primary mode of engagement), and this keeps our TipsyFam safe from scammers who pose unauthorized links.

Another focus of ours is education. Due to the multiple chains that exist coupled with the plethora of cryptocurrencies (and their forks) that have been created, there is somewhat a learning curve for most people – setting up wallets, protecting seed phrases, configuring the networks, identifying the right contract addresses, etc.

We have approached this through an elaborate FAQ section on our website, details shared across our Github & Gitbook, our Whitepaper, frequent blog posts, and our live support on Discord, among others.

Through starting the company/project, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous about the crypto/blockchain “space”?


We have extremely talented developers on our team building every day, and we’re expanding our talent despite the present market conditions to ensure our vision can be executed. Everything we release will be a part of one ecosystem tied into TipsyVerse, like our first NFT collection that was released.

Our collection, “Genesis Penguins”, sold out quickly and holds a steady floor.

This is not your average NFT — Genesis Penguins are interactive and are summoned into our open-world metaverse as your companion. Genesis Penguins level up both inside and outside the metaverse, and the metadata will correspondingly reflect this, including on OpenSea.
More information about our Genesis Penguins, including their current and future utilities, can be found on our website.

Aside from our open-world metaverse and NFT collection (Ethereum), our native coin is also live on BSC.

Some investors have very short attention spans and we have had to fine-tune our communication strategies to adapt to various audiences. As a result, we have “TD;LRs” in our blogs, we utilize visuals more often to communicate our development progress, and our announcements on our socials are often conveyed through succinct bullet points.

A consideration of the above is our take on educating our community regarding security measures.

As we are in an industry that’s in its rapid infancy, we constantly remind our TipsyFam to be aware of bad actors, and malicious individuals who impersonate identities in an attempt to hack users’ wallets. While our constant reminders may be repetitive, this is in the best interests of our community.

Memecoins, Metaverse, and NFTs are all names that have been quite common in the media and crypto space for mostly the last months of 2021. Memecoins have become especially famous with the successes seen in Doge and Shiba Inu.

NFTs and the metaverse have gained traction because of their increasing applications in gaming and entertainment.

Many investors have already generated fortunes from such projects.

TipsyVerse is a new project that stems from an ecosystem combining NFTs and a Metaverse that includes games and Memes. It intends to offer fun and rewards all within the same network.

As seen from their existing concepts, the game’s graphics will be stunning.


TipsyVerse is a gaming metaverse where players can socialize and develop new bonds.

We are a registered, incorporated entity that abides by all regulations, we have employment contracts with our team (we know the profiles of our team members), and we’re in the process of filing for various trademarks. While transparency and security are fundamental to our existence, we inculcate a strong sense of freedom among our team to make decisions, and we believe that this has contributed to us attracting strong talent (and retaining them) since it promotes creativity. Skilled individuals love to put their theories and innovations to test, and we are always receptive to suggestions.

The project kicked off with self-funding, and so there is no pressure from Venture Capitalists to maximize profits, at least for the short term. Another key differentiating factor when comparing us to other cryptos / DeFi protocols is the emphasis we place on best practice principles.

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