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Crypto cofounder revealed to infamous shaken

Later, investigators determined that Cotten was operating QuadrigaCX as a Ponzi scheme near the end of its life. Patryn has been convicted of several crimes, including computer fraud and bank and credit fraud, as Bloomberg reported in 2019. After the original tweets that revealed Sifu is Patryn, Daniele Sestagalli, the founder of Wonderland, confirmed the […]

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Push minting its own nft

As mentioned earlier, rarepress has a tool called mushie for this. Run npx mushie import in your terminal. You will need to enter your secret key phrase (e.g. prau pebbly carditis bastardy oeuvre salute) and your decryption password. Now your wallet is connected to rarepress. If you run the script again later, you will have […]

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Cashing out on coinbase

You can opt to withdraw all your funds in that asset by clicking the ‘Send all’ option. Below the amount is the address field. Here you’ll notice that Coinbase allows you to provide an email address or a crypto address. If you send your coins to another Coinbase account, you don’t have to use a […]

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Do wash sale rules apply to crypto

What is the wash sale rule? The IRS’ wash sale rule prohibits investors for claiming losses on securities sold at a loss and reacquired within 30 days.[1] This prevents taxpayers from claiming “artificial” losses at the end of the tax year in order to lower their capital gains. Does the wash sale rule apply to […]

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Metaverse not all identities are equal

Much of the world associates the metaverse with avatars and immersive VR experiences, which is key for consumers and some business applications, but this new computing paradigm offers a more foundational and transformative opportunity for the business world. To see how, let’s first step into the innovation we call B2B SaaS, business-to-business software-as-a-service. In 1999, […]

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Georgia state senator michael williams

There is zero evidence that banning bump stocks would prevent any gun violence deaths.” His bump stock giveaway comes a year after elected leaders and candidates running for public office held AR-15 giveaways following the shooting in an Orlando nightclub in which 49 people were killed by a Sig Sauer MCX, which is similar to […]

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Banks that accept bitcoin

Bank customers would now be ready to buy, trade, and store cryptocurrencies in their traditional checking account, rather than being allowed only at select banks to transfer funds into Bitcoins. The OCC’s announcement could have a serious impact on the longer-term of other currencies within the US. Now that there’s legal precedent on how banks […]

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Scammers elon musk snl

“If you want to … speculate and kind of maybe have some fun, there’s a good chance crypto is the future currency of Earth. “It should be considered speculation at this point, and so don’t go too far on the crypto speculation front.” Why did Dogecoin drop after SNL? Like we said, part of the […]

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UK employees with employers, we found that having a boss who is an expert in the core business is associated with high levels of employee job satisfaction and low intentions of quitting. Similarly, physician-leaders may know how to raise the job satisfaction of other clinicians, thereby contributing to enhanced organizational performance. Our research suggests that […]

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