But the virtual world of the soon-to-be Metaverse offers a place for people to safely engage in sexual activities.

As said by Refinery29, The Metaverse will allow people to engage in kinky activity without judgement. Certain worlds within The Metaverse could allow people to safely explore kinks, fetishes and more.

With headsets and vests that provide haptic feedback, long distance relationships could benefit heavily from this technology. While it won’t be a substitute to real touching, it could be a fine emulation of the experience.

In the article, the outlet talked to RD Lab, a company working on creating cybersex platforms.

Will you be able to take the next step with your virtual flirt or not, or is the only place for this still in our old boring real world.

Pros and cons for sexuall intimacy in the metaverse:


  • Long distance relationships gets a big intimacy boost
  • No body shaming in the metaverse
  • The definition of safe sex
  • A new level of emotional intimacy
  • Your high age doesn’t matter


  • Porn addiction 2.0
  • The spam advertisement is gonna be a nightmare
  • Age control can be very difficult
  • Reproduction of the humankind could suffer

With all these pros and cons in mind, I am not quite sure what I think of the opportunity for a sexuall experience in the metaverse.

But where it takes the cake is how you can sync this up with other sex toys as well, which makes it perfect for remote mutual masturbation with a partner!

6.Kiiroo Titan VR– Best For Feeling Intense Vibrations


  • Perfect for long-distance relationships
  • Lots of vibration options
  • Comes with free dick sleeves
  • Intense vibrations


  • Not quite a hands-free experience
  • Relatively pricey
  • A bit top-heavy

Okay, so the Kiiroo Titan VR gives you a mix of futuristic fapping and good old-fashioned manual strokes.

Let us explain.

First, it’s got some high-tech features that are typical of Kiiroo products.

Sexual wellness group Lovehoney has entered the metaverse and after an exclusive first look, all I can think is “I wish this existed in real life.”

If conversations about the metaverse intimidate you, here’s a quick rundown of the space. Lovehoney’s virtual safe space has four floors, featuring a sex store, a sexual wellness center for expert sex and intimacy advice, an erotic art gallery and a club.
Most importantly, it doesn’t require headsets or confusing goggles.

As one of the top sexual wellness brands in the industry, Lovehoney’s presence in the metaverse is an extension of all of its resources, in a safe, online, anonymous space. Bryony Cole, Lovehoney Group’s global sex tech expert, comments, “The metaverse allows us to immerse ourselves in digital content rather than feeling like a separate viewer.

230 strokes per minute

  • Compatible with VR devices
  • RealFeel tech feels amazing
  • Cons

    • Pricier compared to other toys
    • Strokers not too varied

    The Kiiroo Keon is the perfect VR sex toy if you’re looking for an option that brings the intensity up to 11!

    Without any exaggeration, this may very well be the most powerful hands-free masturbator available right now, thanks mainly to its motor that can give you a whopping230 strokes per minute.

    This VR sex toy makes use of their patented RealFeel technology, which boasts of having the same feel as a real pussy/butt/mouth.

    It’s also pretty versatile, as the whole package comes with5 interchangeable “strokers’‘: silicone-based orifices that give you a realistic sensation whenever you use them.

    long-distance partnerscan use thisremote controlled sex toyto feel connected to each other sexually.

    And with a sleek design that’s not only easy to use, but easy to maintain as well, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more convenient male VR sex toy than this baby right here!

    4.Fleshlight Quickshot Launch– Best For Watching Porn On Your Phone


    • Up to 250 strokes per minute
    • Universal smartphone holder included
    • Interchangeable strokers
    • User-friendly VR sex toy


    • Pricey
    • Small free lube bottle
    • Design is not portable

    The Quickshot Launch is not a simple male sex toy – this is a piece of wanking tech that perfectly simulates blowjobs and sexual intercourse.

    In fact, this company has won the award for VR Site of the Year two times in a year (2018 and 2019)!

    1. VR Bangers

    VR Bangers is an interactive porn site that’s got a lot of categories, from the usual blowjob clips to more exotic fare like shemale orgies.

    The site also features VR porn games, which is a nice and kinky interactive way to use your VR sex toys with.

    1. VRBGay

    VRBGay is the go-to VR porn site if you’re looking for gay content with lots of quality with each and every clip.

    Whether you’re a top, bottom, or vers, there’s something here for fans of VR gay porn.

    VR views, it’s like you’re in the room with the hot bears and twinks on this site!

    Top VR Sex Toys – The Bottom Line

    Touching yourself has never been as fun as ever with some of the most immersive experiences that the best VR sex toys can give you. With this list, you’ll be able to choose the right kind of automatic male masturbator for your kinky needs.

    If you ask us, though, we’d highly recommend you go with either theLovense Max 2,Kiiroo KEON, orFleshlight Universal Launch, since these 3 models feature the most value for money that you can get out of any other models around today.

    Regardless of your choice, though, one thing’s for sure: you’re not going to want to stop playing with these VR sex toys once you hook them up and start fapping away!


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    By clicking on the other person’s avatar users can easily block the other person, and by pressing a single key on their keyboards can be moved to a random area of the Lovehoney store.

    On the ground floor, visitors can browse the company’s bestsellers and purchase them by being forwarded to the online shop.

    The Lovehoney Lessons area on the second floor offers a place to kick back, relax and watch integrated, educational videos from a global expert panel.

    The third floor contains the art gallery, with all proceeds of NFT sales going to the artists themselves, the company said.

    The rooftop club will be playing music all day and night, showcasing the new range of toys that harnesses music-activation technology to vibrate in time to sound.

    The Metaverse is going to be an immersive virtual world when/if it releases. But the one thought on a lot of minds — not ours, may I add — is how Metaverse Sex will alter online relationships.

    As with any technology, there’s an audience that cares about how it can be used to get off.
    For computers, it was online pornography and video chats, same as smartphones. For VR, fully immersive virtual intercourse is planned to be a complete feature.

    The different approaches to Metaverse Sex

    Metaverse Sex is an inevitability of the technology.
    After all, we live in a world where people stuff Buzz Lightyear toys in places they shouldn’t be.

    But if it could be executed in a safe and non objective way, i think many people could find great comfort and excitement meeting your new love in the metaverse.

    Cheating in the Metaverse

    So the big question then is how will this impact our real world relationships? We all know by now that flirting online on Facebook or Snapchat with an old ex or someone totally random is what we call micro-cheating. You are not doing anything physical wrong, but you are cheating on an emotional level.

    If the metaverse allows us to take this micro-cheating to the next level.
    With more emotions involved and perhaps some kind of sextech to bring these emotions to a climax.

    Simply pick the artwork you love the most and you’ll be directed to its page on Opensea, where you can bid to own it.1 of 2

    Gigi Fong

    2 of 2

    Gigi Fong

    A Sexual Wellness Center

    On the next floor, you enter a waiting room that lets you know it’s time to take notes. Before I knew it, I heard the voice of Oloni, one of Twitter‘s favorite sex-positive women providing tips to women of color.

    As I tried to find the sound of her voice, I was met with a visual of her waving a massive clitoral massager across the screen. Apparently, it’s her fourth one and her go-to vibrator. Clearly, I instantly felt at home. But, it was time to transition to the final floor.

    1 of 22 of 2

    Club Juno

    I warped to the top floor and was met with loud music, a DJ and my avatar shaking her bum before I got a full scope of the space.

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